November 02, 2004

one last shot

For the love of pete, don't forget to actually go out and pull the lever (or punch the chad) for W today.

I'll be offsite till 10PM tonight but will post some thoughts when I get home, assuming anything is clarified by then.

Just remember that one nice thing about the judicial-train-wreck phase of the election, which may well be fully engaged by tomorrow, is that there are fewer ads. I expect we're all a little tired of seeing those.

Enjoy your day, and in the post-voting phase, and no flipping over cars and looting like the (possibly democrat) clowns in Boston did after the ALCS. I've concluded that fundamentally the Republicans have much more respect for the process itself than Democrats do, and we should maintain that reputation tonight as we celebrate W's win.


Posted by JKS at November 2, 2004 01:59 PM
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