November 03, 2004

why is ohio still not called?

Anyone want to explain to me the following?

PA: Kerry +130,800 (+2.3%) with 99% precincts reported. CNN called for Kerry hours ago.
OH: Bush +147,600 (+2.7%) with 99% precincts reported. CNN still considers this "too close to call." As do CBS and ABC, though Fox News and NBC called OH for Bush a while ago.

It looks to me as though there was a studious effort, in the name of "being careful" and "making sure we get it right" for several of the networks and CNN to avoid awarding what looks to me to be a clear win for Bush in Ohio, so as to avoid getting him to 270+ electoral votes on the night of the election. Mainstream media probably concluded from the Florida 2000 debacle that it's much harder for their boy to win by lawsuits after the networks have already declared a winner, and it seems to me they are shaping the battlefield in favor of the senator as the contest perhaps now shifts to the courts.

Posted by JKS at November 3, 2004 09:09 AM
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